Minimally-Invasive In-Office ETD Relief

ETD Pain, Earaches

When Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD) occurs, this means that the body cannot maintain pressure in the ears. This can cause muffled or difficult hearing. It can also lead to swelling of the Eustachian tube, which allows bacteria to grow inside the ear. The result is infection, ear pain and earache.

Relieve Pain and Muffled Hearing Due to Chronic Ear Infection

ETD is a common cause of painful, recurring ear infections, difficulty hearing, and ear ringing (tinnitus). Treating ETD at the source is the only way to provide patients with long-lasting relief.

Pain related to ETD affects 1 percent of all adults.

Pain and symptoms due to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction will persist until the root cause of dysfunction and infection is addressed. Medications or traditional, invasive ear tube surgery have been used to treat Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in the past.

Clinically-Proven, Modern Alternative to Ear Tube Surgery

Athens ENT & Allergy Center is proud to offer this incredible clinically-proven in-office procedure to bring ETD relief to Texas patients without the inconvenience of surgery.

ETD Treatment Made Easy.
Fluid Buildup
Dilation of Eustachian Tube
Restored Fluid Pressure

During the innovative procedure, a catheter is used to precisely place a tiny balloon into the Eustachian tube. The balloon is carefully inflated, gently expanding the tube. When the balloon is deflated, the catheter is easily removed, restoring airflow and proper Eustachian tube function. Patients will experience relief of pain related to ETD with no incisions and with a speedy recovery time.

Professional Ear Care for Texas Patients

ETD Treatment, Ear Pain Relief

You don’t have to suffer with pain related to chronic ear infection symptoms. Real relief for chronic ear pain and infection symptoms due to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction is possible without the inconvenience of invasive surgery. If you are experiencing chronic pain due to Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, you may be a candidate for this easy, minimally-invasive in-office procedure to provide long-lasting relief. Consult a member of our knowledgeable staff to learn if in-office Eustachian Tube Dysfunction treatment is right for you.

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