Comprehensive Hearing Testing and Hearing Loss Care

Don't miss out on life's important moments
due to hearing loss!

Are you feeling isolated, depressed or withdrawn from family, friends and social occasions? Are you struggling to hear what others are saying in crowded public places? There’s no need to feel foolish or embarrassed due to hearing loss.

48 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss.

Sophisticated Testing for Texas Hearing Loss Patients

Our dedicated audiology center utilizes the latest hearing testing techniques to diagnose hearing loss. Our audiology team can diagnose hearing loss and match patients with treatment options suited to their individual needs and lifestyle. Hearing testing methods may include:

  • Audiometry evaluation, to measure hearing at varying frequencies
  • Speech evaluation, to determine how well you hear conversation at differing volumes
  • Middle ear immittance evaluation, to measure reaction to variable degrees of air pressure
Hearing Loss Solutions, SMART Digital Hearing Aids

Custom-fit Hearing Aid Devices

When you think of hearings aids, you might imagine something that looks big, bulky or impractical. Today’s hearing aids feature sleek, elegant, modern design and enhanced functionality. Contemporary hearing aid technology allows us to fit patients with devices designed to match personal lifestyles discreetly.

Texas Patients: Enjoy Advanced Hearing Technology

Convenient SMART Digital Hearing Aids

Thanks to advancement in modern hearing assistance technology, the very latest smart digital hearing aids offer contemporary design with convenient automatic features:

  • Speech enhancement
  • Feedback reduction
  • Background noise reduction
  • Smartphone syncing
Hearing Aid Device Repair

Hearing Device Repair

Our hearing care team offers repair services for most brands of hearing aid devices. We can diagnose or repair the problem with all makes and models of devices. Contact us to learn more about skilled, professional services available to repair your broken hearing aid.

Your Dedicated Partner in Personal Hearing Care

Schedule your visit with our dedicated audiology care professionals today. Our Hearing Loss Center team is ready to answer all of your questions and help you regain your hearing.

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"I like Dr. Elkins."

She knows what she is doing, is caring, informative and listens well.

- Anonymous

"...really good at
what she does."

Dr. Elkins is so nice and really good at what she does!

- Buddy M.

"This doctor saved my
mother's life."

She had been seeing other doctors in Dallas and not one caught the cancer on her vocal cords.  Dr. Elkins did...

Today she is alive and 5 years cancer free thanks to Dr. Tina Elkins!

- Joni E.