Are You Suffering with Painful Sinus Symptoms?

Sinus Pressure, Aching, Swelling

Is There Any Relief from Sinus Aching, Pressure and Swelling?

  • Sneezing, sniffling, coughing
  • Sleepless nights
  • Nasal drip or congestion
  • Facial pain
  • Puffy or swollen eyes
  • Headache

If your cold won't seem to go away, or keeps coming back, it might be due to chronic sinusitis.

Sinus Swelling Can Trap Bacteria and Viruses

When the openings of the sinus cavities (the hollow spaces behind and around the eyes and nose) swell, this causes congestion and impaired sinus function. Bacteria and viruses can become trapped within the stagnant sinus cavities, leading to pain and infection.

The Cycle of Sinus Infection Pain and Sinusitis

As miserable sinus symptoms increase, sufferers will attempt to treat sinus pain with over-the-counter (OTC) medications or decongestants, or trips to the doctor and prescribed antibiotics. These remedies may provide temporary relief, but will do nothing to relieve the underlying cause of the infection.

Are You Frustrated with Chronic Sinus Pain?

Chronic sinus pain can recur several times per year. Sufferers become fed up and frustrated with the cycle of feeling sick, being absent from work or school, and missing out on enjoyable time with family and friends. Sufferers assume that chronic sinus pain is something that they must live with. Fortunately, real relief is possible.

Sinus Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

The Athens ENT & Allergy Center team of sinus care specialists can diagnose the cause of sinus pain. Dr. Tina Elkins will then develop a personalized treatment plan to meet each patient’s needs with the goal of achieving significant sinus improvement and long-lasting relief.

Discover the full range of modern sinus care options offered at Athens ENT & Allergy Center.

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Sinus Pain?

Are you feeling isolated, depressed or withdrawn from family, friends and social occasions? Are you struggling to hear what others are saying in crowded public places? There’s no need to feel foolish or embarrassed due to hearing loss.